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Bob Goosen.


I am Bob Goosen and through my company Digital Sourcing B.V. I support organisations in the procurement of digital technology & IT, ranging from individual products or services to the outsourcing of business processes or capabilities. With over 18 years of experience, as sourcing consultant and in various procurement roles I am working as an independent advisor for clients in the profit and non-profit sector.


I support organisations in the design of the digital sourcing strategy and its implementation by leading procurement projects and supplier selections. I then help my clients with managing contracts and suppliers by designing and performing contract and supplier management.


My goal is to ensure that the use of digital technology and its suppliers contributes as much as possible to the realisation of the business objectives of my clients.


With enthusiasm and energy I bring organisations in motion and I would be happy to discuss  possibilities to cooperate with you.


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Today, the use of digital technology & IT is a crucial part of the core activities in any business model. Successful organizations do not do everything themselves. They direct and they collaborate with other parties. They combine the performance of their own core tasks with the power of the market. This field is called 'sourcing'. No matter what problem you are trying to solve, it starts with a good strategy.


I help my clients to determine their digital sourcing strategy. The key question here is how digital technology & IT adds value to an organization and how its use can best be organized. What can the organization best (continue to) do itself? Where can an organization benefit from cooperation with market parties? And what is the impact of outsourcing or outsourcing for your own organization?

I use three key questions:

Step #1: Where do we currently stand?

Together with my client, I make an overview of all relevant objectives and strategy of the organisation and business unit (s).

Step #2: Where do we want to be?

I then identify with my client what contribution the supplier market can make to the realization of these sourcing objectives.

Step #3: How do we get there?

Together with my client, I determine how the sourcing objectives can be achieved. This is at the heart of the digital sourcing strategy.

The digital sourcing strategy answers the question of which digital technology & IT suits the realization of the sourcing objectives, how these can be acquired and how the contract execution can best be safeguarded. How to get there is described in a clear step-by-step plan.


When sourcing digital technology & IT, I provide my clients in a professionally managed and executed IT procurement process, varying from sourcing individual products or services to the integral outsourcing of complete business processes or capabilities. I do this on the basis of more than 15 years of experience in procurement and with leading  (European) tender procedures.

I combine knowledge of both content and process and stand for the realization of results that benefit my clients.
My knowledge of the market and my network enable me to quickly establish connections with suitable suppliers in order to make sure that a suitable solution is made available for every challenge based on maximum dialogue.


After awarding an assignment, I ensure that all conditions are completed so that my clients can act as a professional client. I organize contract and supplier management with the aim of controlling the execution of a contract and managing the supplier. The point is that both contract partners do what has been agreed, so that the intended quality of the assignment is achieved and the financial obligations are met. I use the CATS CM ® contract management method .

The basis for my approach is my vision that a well-completed contract and supplier management has a pragmatic and Lean working method with a good balance between testing against mutual contractual obligations, risk management and cooperation, whereby a practical and efficient working method is central. I can set up and implement contract and supplier management for a specific contract, but I can also lead the design and implementation throughout the organization.

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2020 - present

Digital Sourcing B.V.

Category Manager IT and Strategic Sourcing Manager

Independent consultant in the field of digital technology & IT and specialist in European tender procedures.


Quint Wellington Redwood

Senior Sourcing Consultant
Senior Sourcing Consultant for Quint Wellington Redwood with a specific focus on digital & Cloud services and products. Responsible for supporting clients in the realization of their digital transformation through sourcing and outsourcing.



Category Manager IT
Responsible for developing and implementing the IT category strategy and the resulting sourcing strategies and sourcing initiatives. Executing and leading Request for Proposal processes including supplier selection, negotiation and contracting.



Senior Purchaser IT

Responsible for the procurement of complex IT systems and services and advising IT management on procurement issues.


Dutch Tax and Customs Administration s

Senior Purchaser IT a.i.

Responsible for the procurement of complex ICT systems and services through European tenders.



Contract Manager IT a.i.

Responsible for supporting and advising on the implementation and design of the Procurement and Contract Management process.

© Copyright 2022. Digital Sourcing BV is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 76477185. Our general terms and conditions and privacy statement apply to all our services, these are made available on request.

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Are you interested in my services, would you like more information or an informal conversation? Please contact me by mail, telephone or leave a message via the contact form.


bob.goosen @

Mobile: +31 6 4683 6651

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